Welcome to Melides, a place where you can experience the powerful alchemy of art and nature in the wildly beautiful, utterly inspiring and glorious surroundings of the Alentejo coastal region. 

Set amidst a contemporary art park, thus providing a truly unique lifestyle concept, Luxury property Melides this residential project and art community is designed to be an innovative, creative, and international platform for some of the world’s most talented living modern artists.

This is not simply another luxurious resort offering fashionable accommodation, but one that delivers real style, substance and integrity. Residents and visitors alike are offered a living, breathing synergetic experience where their conscious perception of reality in actual time and space becomes part of the transformation of the art park itself. We are co-creating a new paradigm, using the transmutative magic of art and nature combined to metamorphosis into its own unique environment.

The project is located in an outstanding natural setting, close to the beach and surrounded by traditional farmsteads and pristine uncrowded natural beauty. This is a place where you can experience a new way of enjoying the hidden wonders of the Alentejo region by combining an environment of creativity with that of a rural lifestyle set amidst exquisite contemporary art, while benefiting from the comfort and convenience of Luxury property Melides  meticulously designed and carefully built modern accommodation.

We invite you to be part of this new exciting experience which combines art, natural beauty, and the discovery of the magnificent gem that is the Alentejo coast.

“We find the works of nature still more pleasant, the more they resemble those of art.”

Joseph Addison


By welcoming artists, curators, designers, and other creative and aesthetic talents to Melides Art, a newly built residential project set amidst a contemporary art park, a unique lifestyle concept and vibrant community will be formed.

At Melides Art our vision is that all participants will contribute on multiple levels to synthesis a revolutionary new 21st-century cultural community.

While enjoying the compelling beauty, peace, and tranquillity of the Alentejo coastal region, residents will also be warmly welcomed to become active members of this dynamic cultural life either as creators or even patrons on a complementary level.

In addition to offering a unique contemporary living space, each residence will be multifunctional and act as a studio, workshop or gallery area, which in turn will function in essence like the ’live’ pulsating cells of an integrated body, which in the holistic sense is the art institution itself.

Each residence will be individually designed and project managed by our selection of short-listed top architects who will ensure the consistency and high calibre of the project.

As the fundamental concept of Melides Art is transformation, the key objective is to always involve the artist at every stage of the conceptualisation and development. This unique form of intense collaboration with artists can be considered as an ecosystem in itself, thus resonating perfectly with the natural structure of the coastal region of Alentejo.

Furthermore artists will also be invited to collaborate with local artisans who are renowned for their remarkable creative skills, expertise, and native knowledge. In this way the transformative essence of the project will be working in ever more symbiosis with the culture and materials indigenous to this unique environment.

Nature is inside art as its content, not outside as its model.​

Northrop Frye

Interior Design

James Thurstan Waterworth founded Thurstan Interior Design Studio in 2018. At the heart of Thurstan’s approach is a desire to create environments which bring together buildings, furniture and objects in ways which embrace and display the stories that lie behind them.

Thurstan’s careful curation combines an expertise in design with a passion for sourcing antiques and the creation of bespoke furniture. This shapes eclectic and original interiors true to the client and in keeping with the original architecture and surroundings, equally suited to both residential projects and the hospitality industry.

As former European Design Director at Soho House, James worked across houses in Istanbul, Miami, Barcelona and London, leading with a strong focus on comfort, practicality, and consideration for the origins and history of a building. His background and experience, living and working in LA, New York, London, Hong Kong and Barcelona, has honed the Thurstan aesthetic and informs individual projects from the social and cultural to private residences.

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