Olaf Breuning is a contemporary Swiss artist whose works introduce viewers to surreal and humorous worlds through performance, film, sculpture, and drawing. His Central Park installation Clouds (2014), gave a highlight of color to the park, with its bright-blue aluminum clouds, held 35 feet above the ground. “For me making art is just the flow of my life. Whatever my life demands I will do,” he has explained. Born on February 16, 1970 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, he studied photography at Zuercher Hochschule der Kuenste in Zürich. He often looks to pop culture for inspiration, adding touches of lightness and humor to his work. Sibylle (1997), one of his earliest pieces, shows a woman covered with images of actors, cultural icons, and other artists. Breuning currently lives and works between New York, NY and Zürich, Switzerland. Today, his works are held in the collections of the Kunsthalle Hamburg, the Kunsthaus Zürich, and the Sammlung Goetz in Munich, among others.