Local History and Archaeology

Known as the last beach paradise in Europe, the breathtaking and unspoilt coastline of the Alentejo coast is the perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate. A place to refresh the senses and become totally inspired. It has the ideal ambience for creatives wanting to find their inspirational muse.


The Alentejo coastline is simply a glorious mixture of wild, free, captivating magic heralded with a rugged coastline and swathes of vast empty sandy beaches. It is home to an abundance of wildlife and offers a fascinating insight into the regions culture and history for the intrepid explorer to discover and enjoy. In short, it is a true sanctuary for the senses.

It is also a place where you can enjoy a myriad of leisure activities like cycling, horse riding, surfing, hiking, canoeing and much more. You can visit the glorious vineyards, enjoy the superb gastronomy, marvel at the aromatic orange groves, explore the magnificent coastline and hidden coves, be amazed by the flora and fauna or just walk amidst the sandy dunes while taking time out to reflect as you drink in the splendid majesty of the region.
Words and images alone cannot adequately capture the magic of this uniquely preserved and barely discovered coastline, the blue skies, or the rich abundant natural wonders contained in this wildly beautiful region of south west Portugal. Once you have visited, you will be forever entranced.

The perfect location for our unique art, nature and lifestyle residential project.

“We find the works of nature still more pleasant, the more they resemble those of art.”

Joseph Addison

It’s very likely that the enchanting, almost magical qualities of the Alentejo coast, are not simply due to the unique ambience of the area, or the absolutely stunning vistas and all its serene and harmonious tranquillity. Instead, it is a distinct possibility that the feeling of magic one senses in this ancient and unspoilt region of Portugal might well be better understood by exploring its extraordinary ancient history and the fascinating and sometimes mysterious archaeology left behind today for us to marvel and wonder over.

Famous for its fortified medieval towns, historical villages, cork oak forests, olive oil, honey, Medronho brandy and of course its wines; the Alentejo region also holds yet another secret for the intrepid traveller, and this can be found in its historical and archaeological sites.

Alentejo has a wealth of Neolithic megaliths such as standing stones, dolmens and stone circles which vividly conjure up the potency and vitally important significance of this sacred historic land. The myths and legends which surround these giant stones endow the area with a physical record in the landscape that draws you in and inspires your imagination, their narrative playing out over the millennia in an ongoing story which the visitor is invited to play a fleeting part.

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And it’s not just these powerful stone monuments which are wholly compelling. It’s also the historic castles, Roman ruins, belvederes and museums that all evoke times past of rituals and burial and battles and conquests, a land shaped by its events, people, time and nature.

In fact, so rich are the architectural treasures and culture that Évora, the capital of the region, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In short, it doesn’t take long to feel the pulsing heart of this unique wilderness, where the tumultuous history is tangible; the perfect place for creative souls to become inspired and further pursue their passions, give birth to their creativity, find a muse and make stunning art.

A place for quiet reflection and gentle footsteps. Let this mysterious land take you on a journey.
Alentejo – Let your imagination come alive.